What Dangers to Look Out For at Birthday Parties & Events

Let’s face it: having kids equates to weekends at soccer practice, dance class, church or temple, long nights of homework and many more responsibilities for both you and your child. What seems like a fun weekend activity is going to birthday parties your child has been invited to; well, at least fun for them.

What they don’t warn you of though, are the dangers that can come along with those birthday parties or special events! We never think that bringing our child to a party, festival, or charity event might put them in danger, but it certainly can. If you stop to think about what activities are usually involved at these events, you will realize that bounce houses are very common.

Bounce houses, jungle gyms, fun houses, climbing walls, and other inflatable devices are common event activities that are set up and then left for the children to run rampant through. What most parents don’t realize are the many rules and regulations that should be enforced and followed by the bounce house or inflatable device’s company themselves.

There are numerous restrictions and rules for every inflatable device, climbing wall or what have you. Unfortunately, 90% of the time those rules and regulations are not taken seriously or introduced whatsoever.

For example, a bounce house should have one of the company’s employees at the scene at all times making sure everything is running smoothly and operated under their guidelines. This said employee is also legally obliged to have an anemometer with them at all times, to make sure the wind speed is not too fast for the bounce house to still be occupied. Have you EVER seen a bounce house employee at the scene of a party or event? Most people would say absolutely not. Now think, how many of those sparse employees were actually carrying an anemometer with them as well! LOL, probably slim to NONE. These two facts alone about legally bound rules will give you some insight into the amount of times these rules are not followed.

Bounce house companies take it upon themselves to bend the rules and put their customers, and customers guests, in danger! Although you have probably been to many parties or events with bounce houses where no one was hurt or injured, there have been many instances where severe injuries have been taken place. The lack of responsibility these companies take on is scary to say the least. God forbid your child is the one who brakes his/her collar bone and is left with a $20,000 surgery and years of physical therapy; these injuries, when they do happen, are rarely small and usually cost copious amounts of time and money to repair.

That’s why you should always contact a bounce house injury attorney if something like this happens! Whether its a bounce house, jungle gym, climbing wall or other inflatable device injury, you must seek help to get justice for what happened to you or your child. This is a serious matter and should be handled by an expert professional who specializes in these cases. Like we mentioned before, there are numerous rules and regulations that are rarely followed, so it is more than likely going to be the bounce house company who is at fault.

All in all, we hope we helped you avoid any possible injuries down the line when it comes to these events and parties. Some things you may want to look out for before letting your child on a bounce house or other device is: is there an employee next to the inflatable device? Do they have an anemometer? How many children are already in the device? Is it properly secured to the ground? Does the weather permit these activities? Is it blown up to the correct size? These are a few questions to ask yourself before letting your child into a dangerous situation. We have seen too many kids get hurt in situations like these, while there parents had no idea they were in danger whatsoever!

One more tip, don’t leave your child unsupervised at events like these when they can’t decide for themselves if what they are getting into is safe or not. Please share this article with any parents you know who may find this information valuable! Thank you for reading and please, stay safe out there.